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Consists of: 
*Fully brushed and deshedding
*Nails clipped and/or filed
*Bathed (what is used depends on the coat/dog) 
(we have medicated shampoo, 
flea and tick shampoo,
 and many other types 
to help your dog have the best coat and skin. 
we also us conditioner if needed.)
*Clean ears (if needed)
*Brush teeth ( if asked)
*Dried (in an open dryer(while supervised at all times) or hand dried)
*Finished ( brushed, sprayed with cologne 
and a bow put on the collar or head)

*Everything that is done in a bath +
*Feet and eye hair is trimmed
*Hair under the tail/ tummy is trimmed

*Everything that is done in a bath, touch up +
*Trimmed all over according to what the customer wants

Extra charges: if extra brushing is required  Example: a dog that is badly tangled and a brush will not go through the hair. 
We will work with the customer to find what works best for them and their pet. 

*Dog Grooming  by appointment  only (call for prices)
(210) 826-5742